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Creating an AWS Cognito User with an Auto-Incrementing ID using AWS Step Functions

Creating a Cognito User with AWS Step Functions native SDK integrations

Querying AWS Healthlake from Go

Querying AWS Healthlake with Go

Handling “Poison Pill” Messages with AWS Kinesis and Lambdas

Handling bad messages in Kinesis streams when using them as event sources with Lambdas

Creating an Async Integration with AWS Step Functions from API Gateway via CDK

I often have the scenario where there is a client which makes a request to an endpoint and they just want to make sure that payload was delivered but not necessarily concerned about the outcome. A pretty simple Async operation… Continue Reading →

Tracing HTTP Requests with Go and Datadog

Small follow up on the last post regarding tracing. I’m a huge fan of Event Driven systems or EDA (Event Driven Architecture) but sometimes you do need to make that synchronous HTTP request in order to fetch more data. Perhaps… Continue Reading →

Observability with AWS Lambda, Datadog and Go

One of the most important things that a developer can do for his/her “future” self is to make sure that their code is instrumented for observability. So what does that mean? Definition Observability is the ability to measure a systems’… Continue Reading →

CDK Pipelines (the construct)

Deploying code (assets) into AWS has never been easier than it is right now. A few months back our engineering team made the decision to go all in on AWS CDK and with that included the need/desire for full pipeline… Continue Reading →

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