Querying AWS Healthlake from Go

When working with Healthcare data when of the things that’s often mentioned or discussed is “Is your data interoperable?” As a developer and an architect, that’s a really loaded word to me because if I can expose my data over files, APIs or some consistent channel like TCP, then by definition my system is interoperable. Per my Mac dictionary “interoperable” is an adjective defined like this :: (of computer systems or software) able to exchange and make use of information ::

However where things get a little more nuanced is when the definition includes some common healthcare specific formats and more specifically HL7’s FHIR. So when you have this problem, there are certain tools that you need to use. There are several opensource solutions that you could select but when you are an AWS’ customer, you start with AWS first. And they just so happy to have a set of capabilities wrapped around a product called Healthlake.