AWS Step Function Versions and Aliases

Up until last week, when you deployed a new version of your State Machine in AWS Step Functions, the old version was gone and the ability to test or rollback was limited by your ability to re-push a previous commit. However, AWS has rolled out Step Function Versions and Aliases so that you can accomplish just those tasks. Creating a unique combination of a version and ASL gives you the ability to use things like Deployment Preferences to accomplish Canary or Linear-type deployments. In the below article, I’m going to walk you through Step Function Versions and Aliases.


First up, I’m going to be using SAM to build the infrastructure. I think this is the first SAM-based deployment article I’ve written. I know this makes Allen Helton super happy. Second, I know the article from AWS says support for SAM and CDK, but they haven’t rolled this in as of the writing of this article. However, I’m using the SAM Nightly Builds and it does include the Transforms to make this happen. I could spend another few articles describing SAM and perhaps I will dig deeper later, but for now, here’s the AWS Docs on transforms.