4 Inspiring Tips to Think like a Consultant

I’m early on in this new venture as a full-time consultant but something that isn’t new for me is being someone people go to for help. Every time I speak to someone about this topic I tend to drive back to the same core concepts that I’ll talk about below. Being a consultant isn’t about rates, engagements, or hustling for business. Sure, it can be a career. But being a consultant is a mindset that can elevate your position and influence first in your team and then more broadly into your organization. Following along I give you 4 tips to think like a consultant.


Serverless and Agile

Agile and Serverless go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ham and eggs. Coffee and creamer. Tea and milk. Name your favorite combination that resonates best in your head. But the truth is this, Agile and Serverless are a great pair when it comes to delivering value quickly to your customers and sets a foundation for adapting to change. And isn’t that the point?


Becoming a Leader in Tech

I had several conversations at re:Invent that have got me thinking since I returned. No names or details will be given about those whom I spoke with, but I have been processing the how and why of one’s career arc. How does one go from individual contributor to say Director level or even one day become a CTO? Breaking down the trajectory I’ve come away with a couple of types of leaders. In this article how to become a leader in tech.


Embracing Bad News as a Leader

Some find that handling bad news as a leader is tricky. Their first thoughts range from figuring out who to blame, how to hide the damage or even just how to make the problem go away. I like to look at it from a different perspective. I want to embrace bad news. Treat it as a learning experience for those involved. And ultimately use it as an opportunity to build trust.

Follow along as I give you a few tips on how to embrace bad news as a leader.


Building Trust

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately being self-reflective and this week I was thinking about building trust. The more I thought about trust, the more I wanted to write something about how to build trust with your team, lead or even boss. I’ve got a unique perspective having been a team member, team lead and lately the head of a department. Trust is something that takes time to build and an instant to destroy. But once you gain it, pairing it with influence and credibility is a powerful combination for you as a technologist. Let’s dig into building trust in a technology team.