Embracing Bad News as a Leader

Some find that handling bad news as a leader is tricky. Their first thoughts range from figuring out who to blame, how to hide the damage or even just how to make the problem go away. I like to look at it from a different perspective. I want to embrace bad news. Treat it as a learning experience for those involved. And ultimately use it as an opportunity to build trust.

Follow along as I give you a few tips on how to embrace bad news as a leader.


Building Trust

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately being self-reflective and this week I was thinking about building trust. The more I thought about trust, the more I wanted to write something about how to build trust with your team, lead or even boss. I’ve got a unique perspective having been a team member, team lead and lately the head of a department. Trust is something that takes time to build and an instant to destroy. But once you gain it, pairing it with influence and credibility is a powerful combination for you as a technologist. Let’s dig into building trust in a technology team.