Extending and Customizing the JWT from Cognito via AWS Lambda using Go

I’ve been working a lot lately with Cognito and User Pools in AWS as I’ve been wanting to migrate and existing app into a serverless Identity and Access provider. The promise of Cognito is this “Implement secure, frictionless customer identity and access management that scales” – AWS

Honestly there are so many identity providers out there. This article won’t go into the alternatives and other options out there but will specifically touch upon something that I know was a big question for me when I started with Cognito which was, “how can I customize the private claims in a token?”. So let’s discuss that a little further

As usual, if you want to skip straight to code, feel free to jump over to the repository here

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Handling Change with AWS Healthlake

One of the features that I am currently missing with AWS Healthlake is a proper “event-ing” framework. With DynamoDB you’ve got streams. With RDS you can use DMS. But with Healthlake there is no native change data capture mechanism.

Being that I’m only working on event driven architectures these days, I needed a way to be able to handle change. What I’m going to show you below is not “sanctioned” but it is 100% AWS native and continues with the Serverless theme. With that said, here’s the Github Repository if you just want to jump ahead. The CDK code will deploy a Healthlake instance @ $.27 / hr so please run cdk destroy npx ts-node bin/app.ts` when you are done

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Creating an AWS Cognito User with an Auto-Incrementing ID using AWS Step Functions

So there are a couple of interesting topics in here.

  1. I’ve been really leaning into code-less workflows with AWS Step Functions and this State Machine has nothing but native SDK integrations which include
    • DynamoDB (Put, Delete, Get)
    • Cognito/User Pools (AdminCreateUser)
  2. I’ve run into some legacy code that requires a Username to be a bigint and I don’t want to use an RDBMS so I’m using DynamoDB to generate one for me while also being “race condition” proof

As always, if you want to jump straight to the code, here is the Github repository