Benjamen Pyle Career Portfolio


Untangling Data in a Web of Microservices
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle
Audience: AWS DFW User Group
When: April 28th, 2024
Playback: YouTube

Building an API with Rust and Serverless
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle
Audience: AWS DFW User Group
When: March 24th, 2024

Season 3 Episode 8 – Control Tower, CodePipeline and AI
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle, Karl Robinson, Jonathan Goodall
Audience: LogiCast Podcast
When: February 20th, 2024
Playback: Season 3 Episode 8
Description: Control Tower, CodePipeline and AI

Tech in Motion – Leadership Strategies for Scaling Growth
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle, Mark Tierney, Stephanie Rollis, John Rosenbaum
Audience: Tech in Motion Event
When: February 8th, 2024
Playback: Live stream Replay
Description: Tech in Motion – Leadership Strategies for Scaling Growth

People and Values
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle
Audience: Believe in Serverless Lunch and Learn
When: January 19th, 2024
Playback: Serverless Observability
Description: Observing Serverless applications

People and Values
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle and Taylor Desseyn
Audience: Guidance Counselor 2.0
When: January 19th, 2024
Playback: Case Study
Description: Discussing people, values and life with a tech overlay

Coaching Case Study with Kirsty Norton
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle and Kirsty Norton
Audience: Coaching Case Study
When: January 11th, 2024
Playback: Case Study
Description: Coaching case study with Kirsty Norton

Improving Patient Care with Cloud Technology
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle and Ben Schreiner
Audience: Small business leaders
When: December 7th, 2023
Playback: AWS Fireside Chat
I was able to discuss improving patient care with cloud technology and the journey with cloud modernization.

Ready Set Cloud
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle and Allen Helton
Audience: Ready Set Cloud subscribers
When: July 28th, 2023
Playback: Ready Set Cloud
Apple: Podcast
The business side of Serverless

AWS Smart Business Day ’23
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle
Audience: Smart business day conference attendees
When: May 10th, 2023
Deck: PowerPoint
Data Modernization with Serverless Technologies and AWS HealthLake

Guidance Counselor 2.0
Speaker: Benjamen Pyle and Taylor Desseyn
Audience: Guidance Counselor 2.0
When: April 4th, 2023
Playback: Youtube
Leading from the Bottom And Creating A Safe Space For Feedback

Benjamen Pyle CV

Benjamen Pyle is a genuine and resourceful technology executive

Contact Information:


I am a genuine and resourceful technology creator with over 20 years of hands-on software development, team building and leadership experience. My passion is enabling technology teams to be their best by bridging modern technical design with outstanding business problem-solving. Recognized as an AWS Community leader in the areas of Event-Driven and Serverless Architecture, I bring 7 years of pragmatic experience designing and operating modern cloud-native and containerized solutions.

To work with me is an experience and I pride myself on being able to connect individually with those on my team. It’s through that relationship-building that I’m able to do what I enjoy most, which is guiding technical talent to become better while balancing growth through innovation, continuous improvement and delivery.

Professional Experience

Pyle Cloud Technologies, Roanoke, TX

Co-founder/CEO February 2024

  • Delivering Cloud Architecture, Custom Development, Education and Training, and Cost Optimization focused on the AWS Cloud for customers

Curantis Solutions, Addison, TX

Chief Technology Officer November 2018 – February 2024

  • Designed and led the re-architecture of the core EHR product from a monolith with SQL Server to a highly distributed Serverless and Event-Driven approach with many AWS Services and NoSQL Databases.
  • Responsible for the design, hiring and growth of the Technology team from 10 members to a total of 45 including Engineering, Data and Analytics, Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Operations.
  • By transitioning architectures, reduced annual AWS spend by 25% while deploying a multi-account setup rolled under one Main Account.
  • Led the formation and the build of a real-time Lake House data architecture supported by AWS Step Functions, Kinesis, Lambda and HealthLake
  • Architected and guided the build of a Patented Event-Driven billing system that processes multiple millions of dollars per month for customers.


Senior Vice President, Technology August 2017- October 2018

  • Built an Engineering department from 1 employee up to 10 which included Product Management, Development, Quality Assurance and 4 offshore hardware and mobile developers
  • Responsible for the architecture and delivery of a real-time data ingestion, contextualization platform and all related applications as it relates to IoT sensor data in the healthcare domain.
  • Delivered in 60 days the real-time ingestion component which is powered by C#, AWS Serverless, containerized compute and Event-Driven Architecture that responds to 50M daily data points of streaming data at a monthly infra cost of less than $1K
  • Delivered in 6 weeks the initial version of the company’s hardware gateway solution that is capable of reading Bluetooth 4.x and BLE packets to be used upstream in the cloud. Sensor support included Remote Patient Monitoring devices and Asset tracking including location approximation.

Solovis, Irving, TX

Senior Vice President, Technology March 2016 – August 2017

  • Built an Engineering department from scratch in support of the Company’s primary products which were cloud-based solutions in the Financial Technology sector using Microsoft Azure
  • Instituted a DevOps practice that used common tools and components for build, deploy and test. Architected and led execution of a Deployment Pipeline which supported the pulling of built artifacts through separate virtual environments to accomplish small feedback loops and rapid advancement of user stories through the development lifecycle.
  • Key member of the executive leadership team and responsible for technical due diligence during a Series A funding round totaling $8M as well as managing the annual department budget which included people, infrastructure and services
  • Delivered a key speech “Igniting a Community and Cultivating Fans” at the inaugural Solovis user conference to customers and prospects

Vizient, Irving, TX

Director of Strategic Projects and Clinical Delivery February 2013 – February 2016

  • Responsible for 5 software development teams utilizing Scrum and Kanban in support of the Clinical Software Delivery Program which included Pharmacy, Clinical Outcomes, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.
  • Delivered a complete rewrite of the Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse which leveraged SSIS, C# and Elasticsearch which reduced the time to load downstream data marts from monthly to nightly.
  • Delivered Cost per Surgical Case application in 12 weeks that did physician cost and efficacy comparisons from data sources from the EMR and Inventory Management Systems inside of the hospital.
  • Was the first Safe Program Consultant in the organization and filled the role of Release Train Engineer. Reduced team’s unplanned work from 60% down to 12% over two-quarters of tracking

Rave Cinemas, Dallas, TX

Lead Software Engineer January 2012 — January 2013

  • Within 6 weeks of starting delivered the initial version of a failing project to delivery transactions from the box office and concession stands across 62 national theaters to power Executives and decision-makers with up-to-date information about the key business metrics.
  • Architected, developed and managed the overall project of a next generation box office decision management system
  • Developed two native iOS applications that showed the capacity and rate of ticket sales per theatre per movie screen to better assist in store managers daily showings and theatre times.

Strategic Health Services. Franklin, TN

Director of Technology July 2009 – January 2012

  • Managed a team of 6 developers and report writers to go from concept to 30,000 individual subscribers in a short 6-month period by utilizing focused iterative development. At departure, the platform had gone from the initial 3 customers to 30 customers and over 100,000 individual subscribers.
  • Key member of the Executive team solely responsible for the technology infrastructure and product engineering which included product development. Was the original developer who prototyped the application in Ruby on Rails and then converted into an ASP.NET MVC solution. Other technologies included SQL Server, Web API and Private Cloud Hosting
  • Implemented Kanban at the team level which included metric and feature planning based upon team throughput and cycle time.


University of Louisiana Monroe, LA

Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Systems 2001

Additional Information

  • US Patent 11429460 – Event-Driven Data Processing System and Method
  • AWS Community Builder — Serverless
  • Speaker and Technology Writer
  • Former Division I College Golfer