re:Invent 2022 re:View

AWS’ re:Invent ’22 wrapped up last week and I had the awesome opportunity to attend with a colleague. First off we had a fantastic time at all of the sessions, enjoyed the catered breakfast and lunch and then enjoyed nightly meals at all of the Vegas restaurants. I wanted to spend a bit of time in this week’s post to not only recap what we experienced but also share some thoughts that hopefully encourage more people to attend in ’23.


AWS CDK Pipeline

Deploying code (assets) into AWS has never been easier than it is right now. A few months back our engineering team made the decision to go all in on AWS CDK and with that included the need/desire for full pipeline automation. We’d been using a smattering of Python/Node, CloudFormation and CodeCommit plus CodePipeline code for all of our services and honestly it works fine once it’s set but getting it set per service became a pain. And honestly making modifications for idiosyncrasies for some of the services just was plain awful. So off we went and during that exploration phase we found the opinionated little construct called AWS CDK Pipelines. Below our walk through what it all meant for us.


Intro to CDK

AWS CDK (Cloud Developer Kit) is a new way to develop cloud infrastructure as it relates to AWS by brining your favorite programming language to apply abstractions on top of CloudFormation. This won’t be a super in-depth post on the tech and how to apply it (I’ll follow up with more articles later) but I’d like outline some of the benefits and reasons that you might consider your next feature’s infrastructure be coded up with it.